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Initial Methodology for Designing and Developing NetApps

The design and development of NetApps is a key phase in the 5GASP workflow, as it is where the majority of the effort of SMEs is focused. Defining a good methodology to support the design and development of NetApps will help make the 5G ecosystem more accessible to SMEs. It will be a founding pillar of the envisioned 5GASP framework. Supposing the design and development of the NetApps are well-defined, the path through the validation and certification of a NetApp can be significantly shortened towards the final goal of publishing it in the NetApp Store. This document details the initial methodology and the onboarding procedure, which is the connection point between the design and development and the 5GASP portal. The defined processes are based on the first proposed architecture for the 5GASP project and the conducted studies of similar approaches in past projects such as 5GTANGO or 5GEVE.

Download the document: https://5gasp.eu/assets/documents/deliverables/D4.1%20Initial%20Methodology%20for%20Designing%20and%20Developing%20NetApps.pdf

Architecture, Model Entities Specification and Design

This document presents the infrastructure architecture and the model entities (roles) used in 5G Application & Services experimentation and certification Platform (5GASP) project. Taking the input from the vertical requirements and the experimentation facilities, it will define the detailed architecture, the internal and external components and their interfaces, the user interaction portal, the 5GASP experimentation Application Programming Interface (API) service, the experiment service orchestrator, the multi-domain approach and the physical architecture.

Download the document: https://5gasp.eu/assets/documents/deliverables/D2.1%20Architecture,%20Model%20Entities%20Specification%20and%20Design.pdf

Initial Report on Test Plan Creation and Testing Methodologies

H2020 5GASP Project
Grant No. 101016448
D5.1 Initial Report on Test Plan Creation and Testing Methodologies

The development of an automated CI/CD Service in 5GASP is one of the main goals of this project. This service will help SMEs and Telecommunication Operators to significantly speed up their NetApp deployment via continuous gathering and reporting of testing outputs from the involved 5GASP testbeds and the NetApps’ own software implementation when they run within the 5GASP ecosystem. This document details the motivation behind the 5GASP’s CI/CD Service, the goals it aims to achieve, and presents its initial architecture and components.
Furthermore, the document also addresses the tests the CI/CD Service will execute and how the NetApp developers can use it to certify their NetApps.

Download the document: https://5gasp.eu/assets/documents/deliverables/D5.1%20Initial%20Report%20on%20Test%20Plan%20Creation%20and%20Testing%20Methodologies.pdf

5GASP experimentation services, middleware and multi-domain facilities continuous integration

This document presents the 5GASP experimentation facing services, the specific implementation actions to create a multi-domain NFV/SDN fabric and the necessary facilities adaptations to support the introduced open, standardized and unified interfaces. Based on the first 5GASP reference architecture (D2.1), NetApp Onboarding and Deployments Services (NODS) are the founding pillar of the 5GASP ecosystem providing a single entry-point to NetApp developers. The establishment of NODS actors provides guidance towards the extraction of implementation requirements, internal architecture and the interaction with its adjacent components through well-defined interfaces. Furthermore, this document sets the fundamental requirements to sculpture the underlying multi-domain fabric and introduces the implementation approaches of the mature 5G facilities, constituting the overall 5GASP infrastructure.

Download the document: https://5gasp.eu/assets/documents/deliverables/D3.1%20Experimentation%20Services,%20Middleware%20and%20Multi-Domain%20Facilities%20Continuous%20Integration.pdf

Market Research Report

This document is a report of Market Research Activities performed by the Consortium Members within the scope of WP7. Specifically, we treat market research as a key component of the 5GASP business plan to be delivered at M24 of the project. The objective of this document –which will be a living document, regularly being updated from monitoring the markets of interest – outlines the determination of market size, major competitors, service offerings, and market segmentation for two groups of NetApps addressing the Automotive and PPDR Segments. Evidently, the market analysis outcomes in this document show a market opportunity and potential for both the aforementioned market segments and beyond. The document discusses the key findings and presents the directions of future work in terms of the parallel WP6 / Community Engagement and WP7 / Exploitation and Dissemination activities that the project actively pursues towards grasping the momentum and deriving viable business models. Finally, this document includes, for all NetApps of the SMEs of the Consortium, an initial analysis of the business elements of each NetApp in terms of Value Proposition pertinent to its target market segment, a list of existing and potential customers, identification of competitors, a discussion of the NetApp’s intended licensing / pricing schemes as well as the first version of SWOT analysis of the NetApp.

Download the document: https://5gasp.eu/assets/documents/deliverables/D7.3%20Market%20Research%20Report.pdf

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