Taking the Wheel from Afar: Unleashing the Potential of Remote AV Control with 5GASP

The promise of autonomous vehicles (AVs) navigating our streets freely is tantalizing. But what happens when these self-driving machines encounter unexpected situations, or venture into hazardous environments? This is where remote AV control steps in, and 5G technology is poised to revolutionize this capability. The Developer’s Playground: 5GASP and Network […]

5G innovations for verticals – contributions on testing and certification

ICT-41 Projects target the validation of technologies and architectures for 5G in a system context and for multiple use cases, with performances well beyond those of early 5G trials planned over the 2018-20 period with “non-standalone” 5G implementations, and supporting innovative “vertical” use cases. It also aimed at leveraging 5G […]

NetOps and 5G integration through NFV

The integration of DevOps (Development Operations) with the 5G environment has increased drastically recently, especially with the introduction of Containerised Network Functions (CNFs) into the standardised Network Function Virtualisation (NFV) domain. NFV MANO (NFV management and orchestration) environments (e.g. ETSI-standard-compliant Open-Source MANO – OSM) are increasingly used as network orchestration […]

PrivacyAnalyzer’s last mile to become a fully certified 5GASP Network Application

In the last phase of the 5GASP project, the CNF-based PrivacyAnalyzer application was extended in order that it is ready to enter the 5GASP testing / certification automated pipeline on the Patras testbed. To that end, we have added an extra container in our deployment, named ‘networkapp-miniapi’ as shown in […]

Automated Certification

This post describes the automated 5GASP certification and how the certification process is determined. 5GASP has defined different 4 test areas with more than 50 specific test cases to provide an automated certification for network applications. The test areas of 5G Readiness, Security, Performance, and Availability are selected to cover […]

Advancements in Telecommunications: The Evolution of Test Beds for Network Experimentation

Introduction: The rapid evolution of telecommunications networks demands continuous innovation and experimentation to ensure their seamless functioning and optimization. As technology progresses, the need for robust test beds becomes increasingly essential to simulate real-world scenarios, assess performance, and pave the way for future developments. This article explores the development of […]

Automated Security Scanning of 5G CNFs within 5GASP

The 5GASP certification program has recently enabled an automated security validation process for containerised network applications. Powered by a software security vulnerability scanning tool, designed by 5GASP and specifically for 5G CNFs, it has been seamlessly integrated with the 5GASP CI/CD pipeline, ensuring robust security checks for container images, Kubernetes […]

Showcasing the migration of Virtual On-board Units through the 5GASP platform in GAIA 5G

GAIA 5G serves as a demonstrator testbed for automotive scenarios within the 5GASP European project. This initiative stems from a collaborative effort between the University of Murcia and Odin Solutions. In this ecosystem, GAIA 5G seamlessly integrates and equips developers with essential tools for testing their 5G network applications within […]

5GASP’s contribution to ETSI SDG OpenSlice

The 5GASP project envisaged supporting a multi-site CI/CD DevOps cycle for Network Applications enabled by reproducible network service deployments. For this purpose, it supports the management of multiple NFVOs, spanning through multiple geographical areas across Europe, to orchestrate, oversee and validate the employed Network Application. Also, it introduces a triplet […]