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5GASP 2nd Plenary Meeting
From the 23rd to the 25th of June, members of project 5GASP held online project plenary meeting. The main purpose of this event is to...
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Press Release #1
The first 5GASP press release was published on our official website. It introduces 5GASP and the goals we aim to achieve. To access the press...
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5GASP Project Kickoff
From the 27th to the 29th of January, members of project 5GASP held an online project kickoff event, where initial plans were drawn. In the...
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Role and Value of NetApp Self-Validation
In continuation of our series of 5GASP blog articles, now that we have presented the concept of what a modern NetApp is in the context...
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vOBU: Example of NetApp Design and Development
To showcase how to design and develop a NetApp, the best possible exercise is by doing it with a real NetApp that is being developed...
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What is a NetApp
5GASP definition of a NetApp Although there does not yet exist a standard definition of what a NetApp is, in 5GASP we identified some key...
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Welcome to the 5GASP community
On January 2021, project 5GASP kicked off with the ambition to create a community of 5G experimenters, specially SME’s, interested in experimenting their applications and...
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