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5G Plenary and 2nd Interim Review
5GASP is meeting face-to-face for the second time after a successful meeting in Bucharest in May where we also launched our NetApp Lab. This time...
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ININ’s participation in the Vitel workshop 2022
ININ's representative, Janez Sterle, has participated in the Vitel 37th Workshop on Telecommunications that took place virtually from 16-17 May 2022. The presentation entitled “5G...
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Press Release #4
The third 5GASP press release was published on our official website. It introduces 5GASP milestones and targets that we have already achieved. To access the...
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Some ideas and tips about NetApp specific tests
Throughout this publication, we will see lessons learned in the design and development of new tests for our NetApps, mainly oriented to NetApp developers and...
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5GASP’s approach to the lifecycle of a NetApp (onboarding, deployment, and validation)
This post aims to present the outcomes of the 5GASP project in terms of the whole NetApp creation process, not only focusing on the development...
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ITAv’s Network Orchestrator – NetOr
1. ITAv’s Network Orchestrator – NetOr ITAv’s Network Orchestrator, NetOr, is an OSS/BSS system that operates over the operator’s 5G infrastructures and services, abstracting the...
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NeoBus integration in UrbanAir – “UrbanBus”
Urban mobility is inherently multi-modal. A day in the life of the regular person living in an urban or intra-urban environment is no longer from...
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