Network Application Cases Studies

In order to provide opportunities for SMEs and developers to experiment their applications in the context of specific vertical use cases we have identified Automotive and PPDR vertical as those of most relevance to showcase our innovation with a set of use cases resulting from different Network Applications orchestrations. We will target 3 use-cases: Automotive, PPDR and a Cross Vertical. The use cases will be performed near the end of the project to show case in public events the 5GASP result: How easy is to deploy a Network Application in minutes with Zero-Touch Orchestration.

5GASP Network Applications and Orchestrated Use Cases

Automotive-vertical Use Case (AUTO-V): Vehicle Routing Optimizer in a Virtual OBU with interdomain migration support and testing of privacy of involved streaming data

As a first automotive use case, we propose the implementation of a vehicle routing optimizer service to calculate optimal shared routes on the fly. Vehicle Route Optimizer Network Application can provide this service but must be deployed as closest as possible to the physical vehicle. For this reason, an orchestration between Virtual On-Board Units Provisioning, Inter-domain Migration and Privacy Analyzer Network Applications is proposed in order to provide a service of vOBUs that can travel close to the corresponding vehicle switching between different virtualization and network domains seamlessly, and is able at the same time to analyse and protect the privacy of exchanged data between the real OBU and the virtual one, evaluating the privacy level offered by the used encryption and analysing the degree of de-identification and anonymisation. This deployment is also required to be C-ITS standards compatible. The ITS Station Network Application and Virtual Road-Side Provisioning Network Application will provide all required protocols and functionalities of C-ITS scenarios such as CAM and DENM to reach this compatibility.

The first members of this Network Application orchestration are the Vehicle Route Optimizer Network Application provided by Neobility. vOBU Provisioning and the Multi-domain Migration Network Applications are provided secondly by OdinS, that are able to jointly provide a vehicle route optimizer running in vOBUs with multi-domain migration support, having the possibility of switching not only between different virtualisation domains, but also between different network domains. For the privacy preserving functionality the PrivacyAnalizer Network Application provided by Modio is going to be incorporated to this Network Applications bundle, providing all mentioned functionalities, visualizing the outcomes of the privacy analysis using intuitive and informative User Interfaces (UIs). Moreover, this Network Application shall include NFVs implementing light-weight edition of Qiqbus, Modio’s commercial platform for large-scale machine learning and analytics for streaming data. And last, but not least, the ITS Station and vOBU Provisioning Network Application provided by YoGoKo can envelop this use case with a standardized C-ITS services and protocols widely used in C-ITS scenarios with the possibility of being deployed through vRSUs.

PPDR-vertical Use Case (PPDR-V): 5G Network Resilience and Privacy in the International Public Safety Operations

5G Network Resilience and Privacy in the International Public Safety Operations deployment environment

Natural and man-made disasters such as large forest fires, flooding, earthquakes and terrorist attacks presents ongoing threats to the EU citizens and can lead to large numbers of casualties and significant damage to public infrastructures in the affected areas. The scale of some of the recent EU disaster events calls for cross-border and international cooperation where different first responder teams (fire fighters, medical rescue and security services) from different EU countries need to communicate in a reliable and efficient way and exchange mission and citizens related data, part of which can constitute also sensitive information. ININ’s 5G Isolated Operation for Public Safety (5G IOPS) and MODIO’s Privacy Analyzer are 5GASP Network Applications that are targeting resilience aspects of the future 5G enabled PPDR communications systems and privacy and trust of the exchanged information taking place during the course of the international public safety interventions.

As part of the PPDR use case, ININ will showcase automated deployment of portable PPDR communications incorporating 5G network and cloud-native capabilities that will be deployed and operated as interconnected VNFs in integrated 5GASP environment provided by Ljubljana, Patras and Bucharest facilities, exploring inter-domain and cross-border capabilities of the 5GASP platform and high availability features of the developed 5G IOPS Network Application for the case of PPDR disaster situations. In this environment, MODIO’s Privacy Analyzer will be used for enforcement of privacy and trust policies required during cooperative international first responder missions where emergency teams are using various IoT devices (e.g. mobile UEs, wearable cameras or other devices specific to their operations) for information exchange between despatched units and international emergency control centres.

Cross-vertical Use Case (CROSS-V): Autonomous Vehicle Teleoperations / Remote Driving Use Case

Cross-vertical Use Case

There is an industry consensus today that autonomous vehicles will need help in making decisions, especially in unusual, dangerous situations that can happen on the road and may require violating the traffic laws (e.g. crossing double yellow lines). For these cases, the industry has started to adopt teleoperation/remote driving solutions that enable a remote human operator to monitor and take control over the car if needed. In addition, some countries have issued regulations that mandate the ability of systems that enable a remote human to take control over the vehicle if needed.

The Teleoperations use case enables a remote operator to take full/partial control over an autonomous vehicle in unusual/dangerous situations that can happen on the road. Ensuring safe Teleoperation and human remote assistance entails reliable and secured transmission of high- quality real-time video with minimum latency. The use case will use various Network Applications provided by different 5GASP SME partners.

To test and validate the above discussed use cases, 5GASP offered a novel integrated development and operations (DevOps) environment, catering for both VM-based and Container-based Network Applications. Moreover, 5GASP will provide a service-based environment for validation, verification and certification of Network Applications, so that 5G operators are aware of their behaviour before deploying them on their production networks. To achieve all the above, 5GASP introduces novel procedures and a novel fully automated toolchain that caters for the production of any Network Application with very little or without any human interaction through OSS automation tools.

These novelties shall be demonstrated on top of well-known and mature 5G facilities, 5G services and 5G/NFV experimentation tools to overall offer a DevOps-like and open platform for deploying, validating, verifying and certifying Network Applications; subsequently use-cases that are consisted from selected interworking Network Applications in order to faces the challenges posed from use cases that are emerging with an unprecedented rate in the 5G world.