Automated Certification for Network Applications

5G could fundamentally enable the applications to improve quality of life via unprecedented use cases that require high data-rate instantaneous communications, low latency, and massive connectivity. More and more SMEs are innovating their network applications to provide services based on the 5G ecosystem from the network operators. Most SMEs are innovative in software design and development but lack the means to fully test, validate and certify their products across diverse 5G environments. Furthermore, network operators will be challenged to independently assess and validate the various applications individually.

5GASP aims to unlock such a dilemma by creating an automated 5GASP certification (5GASP-C) for Network Applications. 5GASP-C enables the reproducible and effective tests to reduce the individual validation effort by Network Application developers and operators.

The 5GASP certification is the technical, organizational, and administrative process executed to certify a Network Application. The following parties are typically involved in the 5GASP-C process.

Network Application Applicant

Network Application Applicant is an equipment manufacturer providing a Network Application supporting the 5GASP requirements, which would like to certificate his Network Application in 5GASP-C platform. There are some activities as follows for the applicant to initial a certification request, coordinate for the testing, and achieve a certificate.

  • Select an authorised Testbed which meets the Applicant’s needs and schedule a certification testing slot
  • Complete Network Application certification application and submit all required supporting documentation
  • Submit required materials to the Testbed for certification testing
  • Coordinate with Testbed on monitoring/supporting the certification test execution
  • Coordinate with Testbed on investigation/debugging of Network Application test issues as required

Network Application Applicant will have the opportunity to showcase his product along with certifications on the supported software platforms (interoperability) and functionality (as assessed by a 3rd party 5GASP-C).

Authorized Testbed

Authorized Testbed is an independent Testbed that has 5GASP approval to provide test reports for Network Application certification. There are some activities as follows for the testbed to prepare, schedule, coordinate, execute the testing with Network Application Applicant, and report, escalate the result to Certification Authority.

  • Respond promptly to testing inquiries from Applicants
  • Coordinate with Applicant to schedule timely testing window
  • Coordinate with Applicant to complete all pre-testing logistics
  • Execute formal certification testing
  • Review testing results for test environment integrity and accuracy
  • Escalate abnormal test findings to 5GASP certification authority for disposition
  • Facilitate investigation/debugging of product test issues with Applicant as requested
  • Communicate completed test results to the 5GASP certification repository

Certification Authority

Certification Authority is the 5GASP Logo owner and Program Administration of 5GASP Certification. There are some activities as follows for the authority to not only review, approve, arbitrate the testing with Network Application Applicant and Authorized Testbed, but also issue the 5GASP certificate online in a public marketplace portal.

  • Review/approve product certification application and supporting documentation
  • Collaborate with Testbeds on investigation/disposition of abnormal test findings
  • Review testing results for product compliance
  • Arbitrate any escalated issues from Testbed and Applicant
  • Issue certificate and associated logo
  • Maintain certified product listing

5GASP deployed a showcase portal for the registered network applications, 5GASP Network Application Store on the public cloud network. It provides certification information collected automatically during the Network Applications independent testing on the 5GASP-C platform. The below workflow shows the details of 5GASP-C process.

5GASP-C platform is open for 3rd party Network Application to certify the functionality, performance, security, and connectivity of the application on one or multiple of the authorized Testbeds located on Aveiro (Portugal), Patras (Greece), Bristol (UK), Ljubljana (Slovenia), Bucharest (Romania) and Murcia (Spain).