The 48th Wireless World Research Forum

The 48th edition of the international and world-renowned Wireless World Research Forum will be held in Abu Dhabi from 07 to 09 November 2022. With the theme “Wireless Innovation for a Better World”, WWRF 48 will offer a great opportunity for all attendees to be part of designing the wireless future by joining us for three days of wide-ranging discussions, presentations, innovative brain-storming and expert level networking. Since WWRF is the unique Forum where the whole wireless community can tackle the key research challenges, by attending the event you will be able to (i) focus your future wireless strategies by discussing the views of industry leaders, (ii) facilitate future standardization by harmonizing views at the research stage, (iii) pick-up the trends and new ideas in wireless communications, (iv) share insights on research directions and visions of the Wireless World.

Selected contributions, presented in the Working Group sessions, will be published in a peer reviewed journal and would be automatically candidates for the Best Paper award. Travel grants (Student Bursaries) are available for deserving student contributors for presenting their contributions during the conference.

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