5G Network Application Lab program

As part of the 5GASP international consortium, we have designed the 5G Network Application Lab program to support startups, SMEs, developers and researchers that wish to design and deliver valuable 5G products and services, leveraging the native 5G technology capabilities.

The application deadline is October 31st, so we invite everyone interested to act now and submit the application form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeYuuS4vsAvaDR4F3G1OW2aooV6Tio6gsmtmtjJ6zHfGy3RfQ/viewform

Selected teams will get support from mentors with diverse expertise in designing, developing, testing & validating, and promoting 5G network solutions. Thus, you will get to:

  • Test and validate your product in real-life scenarios and on real-life 5G testbeds;
  • Integrate the latest tools and platforms that support continuous integration & delivery;
  • Get feedback on improving your business model and value proposition for the end-users;
  • Gain visibility towards investors and social media.