5GASP CLI for creating Testing Descriptors

In the dynamic realm of 5G network applications, efficient testing processes are crucial to ensure optimal performance and reliability. Today, we are thrilled to introduce the 5GASP CLI, a powerful command-line interface designed specifically for the creation of Testing Descriptors for Virtualized Network Functions (VNFs) and, in the future, Containerized Network Functions (CNFs).

With its intuitive features and streamlined workflow, the 5GASP CLI empowers developers and researchers to accelerate the testing phase provided by 5GASP and deliver high-quality 5G applications. It currently delivers the following features:

List Test Beds

One of the features of the 5GASP CLI is its ability to effortlessly list available test beds. By simply invoking a command, developers gain valuable insights into the various testbeds at their disposal, as well as the tests they make available. This feature facilitates informed decision-making when selecting the appropriate test environment, ensuring accurate and comprehensive testing scenarios for 5G applications.

List Available Tests

The 5GASP CLI provides a seamless method to list all the available tests. Developers can easily explore a comprehensive catalog of test cases, enabling them to align their testing strategies with specific requirements and industry standards. This feature fosters precision in testing, enhancing the overall quality of 5G applications.

Create a Testing Descriptor

The core functionality of the 5GASP CLI lies in its ability to create testing descriptors. With a straightforward command, developers can generate comprehensive and well-structured testing descriptors for their VNFs. This includes defining the desired test cases, testbed configurations, and any additional parameters necessary for testing Network Applications. The 5GASP CLI automates the process, saving developers valuable time and effort while ensuring consistency and accuracy in test descriptor creation.

The 5GASP CLI’s intuitive features empower developers, SMEs, startups, and researchers to streamline the testing services provided by 5GASP and deliver robust and reliable 5G applications. By simplifying the creation of testing descriptors, providing visibility into available testbeds, and offering a comprehensive catalog of test cases, the 5GASP CLI enhances productivity, accelerates development cycles, and contributes to the advancement of the 5G ecosystem.

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