Exciting Collaboration Unveiled: ICT-41 Projects Join Forces for WFIoT’23 Plug Fest

We are thrilled to share some exciting news from the world of ICT-41 projects at this year’s WFIoT’23! The ICT-41 PlugFest is a satellite event of the IEEE-WFIoT (12-27 October 2023), and took place on the23rd and 24th of October 2023 in Aveiro, Portugal. The event took place in the Campus of the University of Aveiro and in Altice Labs. A plugtest is an event based on a certain technical standard where the designers of electronic equipment or software test the interoperability of their products or designs with those of other manufacturers. It could be literally plugging company A’s cable into company B’s socket, or a more elaborate test resembling a realistic scenario. On the23rd of October, developers from ICT-41 groundbreaking projects converged for a plug fest, marking a significant milestone in our collective journey towards innovative network applications.

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