Automated Certification

This post describes the automated 5GASP certification and how the certification process is determined.

5GASP has defined different 4 test areas with more than 50 specific test cases to provide an automated certification for network applications.

The test areas of 5G Readiness, Security, Performance, and Availability are selected to cover the most essential features for network applications in 5G networks. The automated certification will provide a powerful tool for application developers to test the behavior of the dedicated application.

The certification process is essential to support professional CI/CD pipelines. New software versions of applications will get fast and automated information about the proper functionality in the network environment.

The following picture describes the certification process:

The automated certification will be executed in the following certification steps:

  1. For each test case, determine the test conditions
  2. Add test conditions to test cases in the test case database (CI/CD Manager)
  3. Update Certification Entity API to take test conditions in the create request
  4. Update NODS to allow the user to select test conditions
  5. Update NODS to send test conditions when requesting to create a certificate
  6. Implement a function that returns a list of test cases based on selected test conditions
  7. Update the certificate file to include the selected test conditions