PrivacyAnalyzer’s last mile to become a fully certified 5GASP Network Application

In the last phase of the 5GASP project, the CNF-based PrivacyAnalyzer application was extended in order that it is ready to enter the 5GASP testing / certification automated pipeline on the Patras testbed.

To that end, we have added an extra container in our deployment, named ‘networkapp-miniapi’ as shown in the figure below. This has been done following the guidelines provided by the 5GASP project to all Network Application owners, with codebase and documentation available from

The final local deployment shown in the above figure has been used for running the necessary 5GASP local tests before the PrivacyAnalyzer test triplet is onboarded and automatically executed on the UoP 5GASP pipeline. Our local deployment uses an instance of the 5GASP Mini API server, running as a server and an instance of the 5GASP-branch of the NCSRD NEF emulator. We have used this deployment and have successfully passed all mandatory local tests, as they been defined by partner ITAv in

With the above having been achieved during the last phase of the project, PrivacyAnalyzer is one step before its 5GASP certification!