Smart Networks and Services

The 5G PPP partnership has been a successful collaborative research effort to create and apply 5G technology with a European footprint. in this partnership, Large industry, SMEs and Academia have collaborated to shape the 5G building blocks, influence standardization and trial meaningful use cases for society and the economy. A central part of the 5G PPP was working closely together with vertical industries and Memorandum of Understandings have been set in place with vertical industry associations such as 5GAA, ERTICO, ESA, PSCE, ECSO and others to ensure participation and dialogue.

Looking forward, a new private partnership is about to start to drive 5G evolution and create 6G technology. This partnership is again an initiative bringing together industry and the European Commission and will be called “Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU)”. Almost 1 Billion euro will be made available to a large set of players, including all economic sectors, to shape network technologies and services of the future serving digital transformation of our society and economy. In this new partnership, vertical industries will play a central role and with webinar we would like to concentrate on the opportunities for Verticals in smart networks and services.

This webinar is intended to inform all interest parties of the benefits of participation in Smart Networks and Services, the likely structure and scope of the first Work Program and engage interested parties in an interactive discussion about the benefits of new mobile technologies and services.

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