The 3rd European 5G Observatory Stakeholder Workshop

The 3rd European 5G Observatory Stakeholder Workshop will take place as an online event on 18 November 2021.

The workshop will again be open to all interested 5G constituencies, including inter alia manufacturers and suppliers, telecom operators, national authorities in charge of telecom and spectrum policy and regulation, as well as representatives of the vertical industries looking at the use of 5G for relevant use cases.

The European 5G Observatory was launched in September 2018 to monitor market developments and preparatory actions taken by industry stakeholders and Member States in the context of 5G roll-out in Europe and beyond. Its current focus is on the monitoring of the state of play regarding the remaining 5G Action Plan targets related to spectrum assignments and service deployments, together with the new Digital Decade targets and other specific indicators to be monitored.

This event will be an opportunity to exchange views on the current state of play of 5G deployment, the latest market trends and global developments.

The morning session will concentrate on what has been achieved, how the 5G AP targets have been fulfilled so far, and what have we learned now that 5G is reality in almost all EU Member States.

The early afternoon session will be about 5G in the Digital Decade, considering issues like the prospects towards the ‘full 5G’ target, what could complementary targets be, e.g. for vertical sectors, and how to measure deployment progress and quality.

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