Webinar “Demystifying 5G and Industrial Networks slicing, from theory to practice”

The 5G-SMART project is organizing a webinar entitled “Demystifying 5G and Industrial Networks slicing, from theory to practice” on the 18th of November, 2021 at 3 pm CET with 60 minutes duration.

Abstract: Industrial networks in smart manufacturing is one of the areas where 5G will play a major role and specifically network slicing is a tool to comply with reliability and security requirements. Network slicing has been proposed for sharing public mobile networks, however industrial non-public networks (NPN) are more demanding in terms of security and low latency communication which makes 5G network slicing a tool to support those demands. The webinar will showcase recent development done in the 5G-SMART and NG-IoT projects targeting industrial robotic and IoT networks. The trial setup located inside a laboratory at the Aalto University campus consists of commercial indoor 5G network operating at 3.5GHz licensed frequency granted by government Traficom for trial of private networks. The setup consists of an end to end system including 5G routers and Cumucore 5G SA core that resembles a real deployment of a smart factory . The webinar will show practical configuration of network slices as well as the implementation aspects and benefits of 5G network slicing.

Webinar speakers:

  • Dr. Jose Costa-Requena, Senior Scientist and CEO, Cumucore
  • Dhruvin Patel, Senior Researcher, Ericsson

The vision of the 5G-SMART project (www.5gsmart.eu) is to empower Europe’s manufacturing sector with 5G solutions by integrating 5G in the manufacturing ecosystem, resulting in an accelerated digital transformation. This is done within the project by demonstrating and validating 5G in real-world factory setups, exploring the roles of mobile network operators and new business models as well as developing new 5G features targeting the manufacturing sector. 5G-SMART lead by Ericsson brings together a strong consortium of partners involved in every aspect of the manufacturing ecosystem.

Link for the registration: https://cutt.ly/PRbqgJP

Please note that the webinar will be recorded. By participating in this webinar you automatically agree to authorize recording of audio and visual content. The recording of the webinar will be made public on the website of 5G-SMART afterwards.