NeoBus – Neobility’s Network Application

Neobility is an SME established in 2019 with the vision to revolutionize urban mobility. Neobility develops technologies that support the new wave of urban mobility globally, with the aim of radically improving the capacity and speed of movement of the inhabitants of the cities. The company wants to build the technology that you use every day to move around the city using the most sustainable transport resources, i.e. any means of transport.

Neobility’s Network Application, NeoBus is a dynamic pooled transportation service (Demand Responsive Transport (DRT)) solution based on minibuses (±10 seats) that is as flexible as traditional ride-sharing, while being a fraction of the price.

By optimizing routes and passenger grouping in real-time, the system ensures the minimal carbon and road footprint per passenger-kilometer, even when compared to non-flexible public transit. It has the potential to be the transportation of the future and the reason to end car ownership within a metropolitan area. We are trying to do this by:

  • NeoBus application will be embedded in the UrbanAir application as a distinct layer of mobility, easy to be accessed, users will have the possibility to hail a bus through the mobile app: the user will get an estimation for the pick-up time and trip duration;
  • Unlike regular buses, NeoBus will offer the possibility to hail a vehicle in real-time, as well as preplan a pickup
  • The user will get to the virtual stations (around high-traffic areas), walking no more than 300 meters, as a tradeoff to help decrease the overall city traffic and minimize pickup times
  • The stations will be generated by the NeoBus app virtually anywhere considering the above condition and a maximum 15% detour for the onboard passengers (vs. initial estimation);
  • Another big advantage of the NeoBus is that will allow the user to get from point A to B without changing lines/vehicles;
  • The algorithm behind the app will assure that the bus is never too crowded and will allow people to easily get in and out of the bus.

Our long-term strategy is to create a single point of entry for anyone’s transportation needs by developing an innovative mobility-as-a-service (MaaS) platform to ensure an optimal travel experience through a single mobile app. In that sense, one of the building blocks is NeoBus which will complement the existing ones like UrbanAir (integrator for shared mobility services).

Moreover, our vision is that one day we will be running on the streets autonomous vehicles which will solve most of the transportation needs within the city and in advance, NeoBus will help to create the infrastructure to make this possible sooner rather than later.

In October and November 2021, Neobility was present at several events:

  • 19-25 October – Andalusia – Romania Business & Economics Forum 2021, Seville
  • 1-6 November – Web Summit, Lisbon
  • 15-18 November – Smart City Expo World Congress 2021, Barcelona

In Seville and Madrid, at the invitation of the Romanian Embassy, we had the pleasure of meeting with several partners to discuss opportunities of implementing technological components of Neobility’s portfolio. The main interest expressed was from two major municipalities, as well as a potential regional partnership. In this scope, generic agreements are to be signed in the near future.

Web Summit in Lisbon was another great opportunity to meet and establish technological and business exchanges. Here the focus was more on private innovative enterprises/startups, synergy-driven cooperations are to be launched as a result.

Smart City Expo World Congress 2021 in Barcelona was a true success in terms of size, keynotes, and general attendance. We, as Neobility, had the chance to connect with over 20 partners in terms of private, public as well as associations. As such, we will be expanding the experimental partnerships with municipalities in Spain to new cities throughout Europe as well as signing on private enterprises to join these pilot phases.