Workshop “Beyond 5G and 6G Networks Technologies and Security”

Today, it is much clearer what the enhanced 5G and first releases of 6G should encompass. 3GPP Rel 16 has been frozen in June 2020 and the first wave compliant apparatus (both terminals and base stations) are now available, making the first three releases of 5G now fully specified. Now is time to evaluate the 5G commercial offerings, their extensions, and how this matches with the initial vision toward 6G. This will include an analysis of the current solutions from different perspectives, including the support to different verticals, deployment results, performance and KPI comparison. But the development of the new technological solutions for beyond 5G and 6G networks does not stop, so these solutions have to be successfully developed, tested, evaluated and validated. Also, a great attention has to be payed to the 5G security systems, privacy aspects and their enhancements toward 6G, which are one of the most important nowadays.

This Workshop will cover the innovative technologies that have been studied in various research projects as well as standardized by 3GPP in Rel 16 and Rel 17. The Workshop will encourage the submission of papers studying the status of beyond 5G and 6G networks research and commercial deployment of 5G networks in order to assess how this relates to the current 6G vision. The evaluation of the current solutions and/or deployment for features such 5G eMBB, URLLC (Ultra Reliable and Low Latency Communications) and mMTC (massive Machine Type Communications) will be considered as well. Security and privacy aspects will be covered too.

The intent is papers should be accessible and provide a reality check for a wider audience. Whilst wireless industry technologists are expected to take a keen interest, papers and views from a wider perspective of verticals like Automotive, Touristic Sector, Smart cities, Healthcare and Industry 4.0, which are currently being analyzed in the 5G domain are invited.

The Workshop invites authors to submit original and previously unpublished research papers on the following and related topics. They could cover traditional mobile networks or any other new 5G vertical applications.

The proposed Workshop will be organised and technically co-sponsored by one of the flagship projects in Phase III of the H2020/ 5GPPP initiative – 5GASP.

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