5GASP participation on IEEE ICC 2023

5GASP will participate on IEEE ICC 2023 (28 May-2 June 2023, Rome, Italy) organised by IEEE and IEEE Communications Society.

The agenda will be as follows:
1.      ARIADNE: Autonomous UE-AP associations in a dense and evolving 6G network, Edwin Yaqub
2.      TeraFlow: TeraFlow SDN controller for AI-based cybersecurity and network automation, Ricard Vilalta
3.      B5G-OPEN: Real-time Autonomous Optical Operation: from Vision to Development in B5G-Open, Luis Velasco
4.      5GASP : 5G Application & Services experimentation and certification Platform: AI Driven enabler for NetApps, Xenofon Vasilakos
5.      Daemon daemon: Design, development and prototyping of Network Intelligence plane, Miguel Camelo
6.      Hexa-X: AI/ML-based Management and Orchestration for the Future 6G networks the #HexaX Vision, Giada Landi

5GASP offers a European testbed for SMEs that is fully automated and self-service fostering rapid Network Application development leveraging NFV and Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) software tools. 5GASP focuses on automation innovations for Network Application onboarding to testbeds, testbed monitoring for AI and other studies, conducting experimental tests across domains, and (iv) certifying Network Applications. Toward 6G, 5GASP investigates self-managing & self-organisation automation through an ecosystem of special AI-driven enabler Network Applications. The latter satisfy automation intents by other, hence enhanced Network Application services. Prototype paradigm cases include network and performance predictions facilitating proactive resource orchestration adapting to 6G network and user dynamics without human intervention. Such AI-based automation offers business-compliant automation and service agility improving network and service quality.