5G-IANA Open Call InfoDay Webinar

We have the pleasure to invite you to our 2nd 5G-IANA Open Call InfoDay Webinar!

The 2nd 5G-IANA Open Call InfoDay webinar is an essential event for SMEs and start-ups that are interested in exploring the next frontier of automotive network applications powered by 5G technology. This webinar is specifically designed to shed light on the second Open Call of the 5G-IANA project, offering a golden opportunity for potential applicants to gain in-depth insights directly from the experts behind the project.

We would be grateful if you could participate and of course please do not hesitate to further distribute among your Organizations and your network.

The webinar will take place on Tuesday, 19th March, at 11:00 CET. You will find more details, the agenda and the registration link here.