5G innovations for verticals – contributions on testing and certification

ICT-41 Projects target the validation of technologies and architectures for 5G in a system context and for multiple use cases, with performances well beyond those of early 5G trials planned over the 2018-20 period with “non-standalone” 5G implementations, and supporting innovative “vertical” use cases. It also aimed at leveraging 5G technologies towards downstream innovation both at service and product levels, at maintaining a significant long-term commitment to prepare for 5G “Long Term Evolution”, and at leveraging international cooperation towards industrial consensus on 5G key aspects such as interoperability, architecture, standards, and spectrum.

In this scope, 5GASP was established to create a prosperous, network-based application testing and certification environment for SMEs and larger companies alike. The project helps companies profit from the newly-developed configurability of Network Function Visualization (NFV) techniques, implemented on top of Software-Defined Networks (SDN) and the 5G network stack. To do this, the project created an international testbed, which can be used to test and certify the network-based compatibility, as VNFs/CNFs (especially for 5G), availability, security and performance of applications that could be better used in a modular, distributed manner. A CI/CD and certification pipeline for the novel Network(-based) Applications (nApps) was created and implemented in the 5GASP platform.

Thus, on 13th of March took place the 5G Innovations for Verticals workshop in Athens, Greece. This was the last public event of 5GASP and gathered not only 5GASP partners but also partners from 5G-IANA, 5G-Epicentre, Smart5Grid and some external guests from Greece.

In this workshop, 5GASP partners and other ICT-41 projects (5G-IANA, 5G-Epicentre, Smart5Grid) approached the achievements of the 5GASP project and of other ICT-41 projects accordingly, to show and highlight the technological progress made by the projects, assess and discuss the integration of projects and the novel solutions of 5GASP to the community through standardization of software components and Open Source Software contributions.

According to the event’s schedule event started with the introduction to the workshop and its purposes, and a preview of the agenda. Then, 5GASP project coordinator, Diogo Gomez presented 5GASP main results and contributions. Later 5GASP contributions to OSS / ETSI – OpenSlice and 5GASP contributions to OSS – NEF Emulator were showcased. Also, 5GASP team presented Certification and Testing pipeline.

After the lunch, common ICT-41 cross project results were successfully discussed. This discussion included Presentation by 5G-IANA and Smart5Grid presentation. Then attendees of the event discussed the role of 5GASP portal as aggregator of ICT-41 Network Applications, considered Automotive networks applications and finished with the Round Table with ICT-41 projects on objectives accomplished.

The 5G Innovations for Verticals workshop held in Athens, Greece, marked a significant milestone in the culmination of the 5GASP project and its collaborative efforts with other ICT-41 initiatives. Throughout the event, partners from 5GASP, alongside representatives from projects such as 5G-IANA, 5G-Epicentre, and Smart5Grid, showcased their achievements, technological advancements, and contributions to the broader community.

One of the primary focuses of the workshop was to highlight the substantial progress made by the 5GASP project in establishing a robust testing and certification environment for network-based applications. Key presentations during the workshop, including demonstrations of the certification and testing, underscored the tangible outcomes and capabilities developed within the 5GASP platform. Additionally, discussions surrounding the integration of projects and the standardization of software components highlighted the project’s commitment to fostering collaboration and driving industry-wide advancements in 5G technology.

The event provided a valuable opportunity for stakeholders to engage in fruitful exchanges, assess common cross-project results, and chart a path forward for continued innovation and collaboration in the realm of 5G technologies. The role of the 5GASP portal as an aggregator of ICT-41 Network Applications was particularly emphasized, showcasing its potential to serve as a central hub for facilitating knowledge sharing and dissemination within the community. As the workshop concluded with a Round Table discussion among ICT-41 projects on objectives accomplished, it became evident that the collective efforts of these projects have significantly contributed to advancing the state-of-the-art in 5G technologies. Looking ahead, the collaborative spirit and shared commitment demonstrated during this event will undoubtedly continue to drive progress and shape the future of 5G innovation across various verticals and industries.