5GASP’s approach to the lifecycle of a Network Application (onboarding, deployment, and validation)

This post aims to present the outcomes of the 5GASP project in terms of the whole Network Application creation process, not only focusing on the development and deployment per se, but also the inclusion of tests that automatically verify the accurate functioning of the Network Application within the 5G infrastructure. […]

ITAv’s Network Orchestrator – NetOr

1. ITAv’s Network Orchestrator – NetOr ITAv’s Network Orchestrator, NetOr, is an OSS/BSS system that operates over the operator’s 5G infrastructures and services, abstracting the complex actions required to deploy inter-domain network services. Furthermore, NetOr should be seen as an improvement over the existent Vertical Service Orchestrators. These existent solutions […]

BLB’s role in the testing of the Network Application for Automotive and PPDR verticals

BundlesLab Kft (BLB) is a Hungarian SME, which provides a number of services to operators, manufacturers, and telecommunication companies in the fields of wireless mobile systems. BLB is also developing their own line of software products for different systems and devices that allow enhancing the QoE for mobile subscribers. In […]

Using 5G to deliver connected and cooperative services for improved road safety and traffic efficiency

The future of road transportation is linked to the means by which the vehicle is sharing data and thus cooperates with its surrounding environment (other vehicles, other road users, the roadside infrastructure, the urban infrastructure) and also with distant peers (services providers, road operators, OEMs, fleet management platforms, insurance companies, […]

Role of an intelligent Network Application to achieve the ZSM goals

Authors: Xenofon Vasilakos, Navdeep Uniyal To understand the Zero touch network and Service Management (ZSM)initiative, we need to first clarify what service automation is. So, service automation aims at increasing efficiency by automating manual tasks such as those related to network orchestration and service workflows and processes from designing and […]

Isolated Operations in 5G PPDR

INTERNET INSTITUTE Ltd. is an innovation-intensive SME, established in 2014, highly specialized in 5G, Internet of Things, and Cloud-based solutions and services. One of the company’s particular focuses, which is addressed in 5GASP, is on Emergency Response and Intervention Management tools, applications and solutions for corporate and public safety domains. […]

PrivacyAnalyzer’s transformation to a Network Application supporting 5GASP’s vertical use cases

PrivacyAnalyzer by SME Lamda Networks www.lamdanetworks.com offers the functionality for aiding the 5G/IoT integrators to assess the privacy strength of their applications or services against confidential information disclosure before they can release their solutions to their clients. To achieve the above goal, PrivacyAnalyzer receives testing sessions’ traffic stemming from the […]

Automated Certification for Network Applications

5G could fundamentally enable the applications to improve quality of life via unprecedented use cases that require high data-rate instantaneous communications, low latency, and massive connectivity. More and more SMEs are innovating their network applications to provide services based on the 5G ecosystem from the network operators. Most SMEs are […]