Testbed for beyond 5G networks

5GASP primary objectives include establishing an Open Source Software (OSS) repository and a VNF marketplace for SMEs, offering examples and building blocks based on OSS. It also aims to foster a community of Network Application developers by providing tools and services that enable early validation and certification of 5G products […]

PrivacyAnalyzer 5GASP Network Application

PrivacyAnalyzer is a commercial product of LamdaNetworks www.lamdanetworks.io. It implements an AI Spark-based analytics engine which offers the functionality for assessing the privacy strength of applications or services against confidential information disclosure. It can detect issues like finding email addresses, GPS coordinates, names, cities, and many more patterns and allows […]

Network Applications as an enabler for AI-driven Autonomous networking

ICT-41 5GASP took part in IEEE ICC 2023 Industry Forum & Exhibition (IF&E) in Rome, May 29th 2023, represented by Dr Xenofon Vasilakos (*). Dr Vasilakos attended as an invited speaker to the IF&E workshop “PR-2: SELF-ORGANIZING, SELF-MANAGING (AI-DRIVEN) AUTONOMOUS 6G NETWORKS” to present 5GASP’s approach on “Network Applications as […]

On Community Engagement Events

The Community Engagement Events are an important part of the 5GASP Project, supporting the dissemination efforts regarding the 5GASP platforms and certification process and a close engagement with Network Applications developers such as SMEs, startups, teams of students and researchers, as well as specialists from bigger companies who can leverage […]

5GASP Cloud Infrastructure reducing complexity in 5G supported vertical domains

The 5GASP project has built and is operating an Open and Inter-Domain 5G NFV-based Reference (Open5G-NFV) ecosystem of experimental facilities that is catering for the instantiation of fully softwarised architectures of vertical industries (e.g. Automotive, cooperative mobility and PPDR) for testing, validation and pre-certification. This close to real-life state-of-the-art 5G […]

Some ideas and tips about Network Application specific tests

Throughout this publication, we will see lessons learned in the design and development of new tests for our Network Applications, mainly oriented to Network Application developers and experimenters. Sometimes the creation of new specific tests for our Network Application can be difficult, since we tend to focus on the activity […]

5GASP’s approach to the lifecycle of a Network Application (onboarding, deployment, and validation)

This post aims to present the outcomes of the 5GASP project in terms of the whole Network Application creation process, not only focusing on the development and deployment per se, but also the inclusion of tests that automatically verify the accurate functioning of the Network Application within the 5G infrastructure. […]