Automated onboarding, testing and validation for Network Applications

5G aims to provide higher capacity and lower latency, as well as an increased level of programmability, control, and flexibility to meet the requirements stemming from innovative use cases from various vertical sectors. 5G requires dynamic allocation of resources, flexible deployment of functions in distributed cloud infrastructures and, at transport […]

What is a Network Application

5GASP definition of a Network Application Although there does not yet exist a standard definition of what a Network Application is, in 5GASP we identified some key characteristics that shall aid to the definition of a Network Application in the context of the 5G System. Specifically, in 5GASP we consider […]

Welcome to the 5GASP community

On January 2021, project 5GASP kicked off with the ambition to create a community of 5G experimenters, specially SME’s, interested in experimenting their applications and services in an NFV-based Referente ecosystem of Experimental Facilities. Today we take a first step by creating this community portal which will host information on […]