5GASP 7th Plenary Meeting

From the 22nd to the 23rd of March 2023, the 5GASP’s consortium held its 7th plenary meeting in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The plenary session covered various topics related to Network Applications, including the certification mechanisms and validation pipeline. There was a discussion on the onboarding of Network Applications in the validation […]

5GASP 6th Plenary Meeting

From the 8th to the 9th of December 2022, the 5GASP’s consortium held its 6th plenary meeting in Berlin, Germany. During the plenary, the 5GASP consortium heavily debated 5GASP’s Network Applications certification methodologies and various 5G-related tests that shall be used for the certification of a Network Application. Furthermore, the […]

5G Plenary and 2nd Interim Review

5GASP is meeting face-to-face for the second time after a successful meeting in Bucharest in May where we also launched our Network Application Lab. This time partners will discuss project progress and will present to EC reviewers the results from 1 year and half of work. Besides presentations from Work […]

ININ’s participation in the Vitel workshop 2022

ININ’s representative, Janez Sterle, has participated in the Vitel 37th Workshop on Telecommunications that took place virtually from 16-17 May 2022. The presentation entitled “5G TECHNOLOGIES FOR INCREASING RESILIENCE OF CRITICAL INFRASTRUCTURE” has been presented on day 2 of the workshop (the event program). The main topic of this year’s […]

5GASP 4th Plenary Meeting

The 4th 5GASP Plenary Meeting took place in a hybrid format from the 17th to the 18th of May 2022. During these two days, partners presented an update on the progress done on the different workpackages. Work package leaders also reported the status on tasks and deliverables as well as […]

Press Release #3

The third 5GASP press release was published on our official website. It introduces 5GASP milestones and targets that we have already achieved. To access the press release, please click here.

Press Release #2

The second 5GASP press release was published on our official website. It introduces 5GASP and the goals we aim to achieve. To access the press release, please click here.